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Well-done flooring sets the tone for the entire house. Choosing the right style and materials for your new floor is important. Having that floor properly installed is even more important. So, what are the potential pitfalls to look out for when starting a floor replacement project?

How To Choose The Right Type Of Flooring?

Which Floor Will Work Best In Your Home

There are many factors that must be considered when deciding on the type of flooring. Besides the look and the cost of the product, it is important to take into account the level of moisture in the building. The climate and specifics of the area, such as dust, and the prevalence of high or low temperatures also play a role. Your lifestyle and the presence of pets and kids are important deciding factors as well.

Questions to ask before choosing a flooring

  • Is there a lot of moisture in the room?
  • Do we need a low-maintenance floor?
  • Do we need to consider pets?
  • Does anyone in the house have allergies?
  • What are the factors that may cause damage to the flooring?
  • How heavy is the traffic in particular areas?
  • What is my per sq ft budget?

How to hire a flooring contractor

Although with the recent abundance of DIY blog posts and YouTube videos, it seems easy to install a new floor, considering the pros and cons of DIY flooring projects.

  • While it is exciting to choose a new style and color for your new floor, it is important to do research regarding different types of flooring products and manufacturers.
  • Accurately measuring out the space and calculating the amount of flooring material is crucial for any flooring project. Professional flooring installers use laser measuring devices to eliminate mistakes and possible extra expenses that might come with inaccurate measurements.
  • Most flooring will require the old flooring to be removed. It certainly is a demanding job that requires special tools and a bit of skill.
  • Cutting planks or tiles to the right size also requires tools and skill. If you are doing this on your own for the first time, be ready to have some extra flooring materials in case the job does not go as planned.
  • Installing flooring underlayment is necessary for most floors.
  • As the flooring installation is progressing, is important to constantly check for gaps and make sure that the rows are straight and even.

Whether you choose to embark on a flooring installation project yourself or to hire a professional flooring contractor, Shiretown Glass, and Home Center can help. We have a great selection and different types and styles of flooring in our store. Our flooring installation professionals have years of experience and will be able to offer helpful guidance and advice.

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