Vinyl Flooring

Why Choose Vinyl Floors

If you are looking for flooring that is both stylish and easy to clean, then vinyl sheet flooring is a great option. Sheet vinyl installed by Shiretown Home Improvements will last for many years. Maintenance for vinyl floors is very low but ideally, they should be thoroughly cleaned periodically. Sheet vinyl comes in 6′ – 12′ lengths but typically is 6 foot to six and a half feet wide. So if you need to cover an area that is wider than the width of the sheet vinyl you have selected, it may result in a seam.

Professional Vinyl Flooring Installation Contractor

Although installing vinyl floors may seem like a simple task at first, it requires skill and experience to do it well and fast. At Shiretown Home Improvement, we employ well-trained professional contractors well-versed in flooring installations including vinyl sheet flooring. Visit our showroom and talk to our designers and builders to plan your flooring renovation project.

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