Storms are becoming more frequent all across the world. The damage made by seasonal storms is becoming more sever every year. In recent years, the towns on Boston’s South Shore and Cape Code have seen unprecedented storm damage. This is especially true for the coastal communities around Plymouth, Scituate, Marshfield and all of Cape Cod. Storm damage usually requires urgent repair. That’s where it becomes especially important to find the right storm damage repair contractors for the job.

Storm damage repair is a huge industry thriving across the country. There are entire contractor companies that follow the storms from state to state. They are proactive about soliciting business and offering their services to residents in storm-ravaged towns. As soon as a storm passes, you might get a knock on your door to find a concerned “professional” who just couldn’t help but notice the damage to your property. They will helpfully volunteer to inspect your property and offer to make repairs quickly and at a good price.

Should you let them? You already know the answer. No! There are several reasons as to why. First, the storm chasing contractors may not be licensed to operate in your state. They often do not have a local office either. So if you discover any defects in their work or materials or somethings goes wrong after the contractors leave, you will not be able to contact them and hold them accountable. It is needless to say that this type of setup does not guarantee high-quality craftsmanship either.

How To Choose A Storm Damage Repair Contractor

It is fair to note that not every storm damage repair contractor at your door has to have bad intentions. More and more local builders, frustrated by the aggressive and unscrupulous behavior of out-of-state predators, reach out directly to their communities. So, whether a contractor contacted you or you are making calls on your own, there is a set of questions you should ask and homework you should do before making a decision. Asking the right questions, carefully reading the contract and insurance documents, and doing your research will ensure that the storm damage repair work is done properly and all parties are held accountable.

Ask for the contractor’s address and phone number

It’s the easiest way to make sure the company is local.

Ask how long the company has been in business.

Although there is nothing wrong with giving a new company a chance, when the matter is urgent, it is best to go with a contractor who has an established reputation and experience in the field.

Ask for local references.

Local references are key when selecting a local contractor to work with. Find out what types of work the contractor has done in your community. How did the handle permits and insurance claims, resolved issues if any arose?

Ask if the contractor is fully licensed and insured.

Don’t take their word for it. Ask to see their accreditations.

Ask if and how the contractor will work with your insurance.

Filing a storm damage insurance claim is never easy. There are bound to be discrepancies between the contractor’s estimate and what the insurance company is willing to cover. Having a contractor who is experienced in working with insurance agencies is very helpful and can take a lot of stress out of the process.

Read carefully through the documents you are asked to sign.

The contractor may ask you to sign a permission slip so they can talk directly to your insurance company. Before signing, read the document carefully. Make sure there are no unexpected closes, such as commitment to work with this contractor exclusively.

Ask what is this contractor’s specialty.

Storm damage repair may extend to more than just one thing, like roof or siding. Find out if the contractor employs licensed professionals in different areas of trade. If not, do they have established relationships with others.


Why Hire A General Contractor To Repair Storm Damage

Storms often leave hidden damage that may not be visible at first glance. For example, roof damage often comes with broken gutters and downspouts. It may also result in internal damage to ceilings and even, in extreme cases, structural damage. Any storm damage repair project should begin with thorough inspection of the entire property by a qualified professional. Even then, some of the damage may not be uncovered after the work has already begun and the damaged materials were removed

A general contractor specializes in managing projects that combine different aspects and expertise. They also employ a diverse team of professionals trained and licensed in different trades. A well-established general contractor would have teams of exterior and interior specialists complete with licensed plumbers and electricians.

If you are not sure where to start, come to Shiretown Glass and Home Center in Plymouth, MA. We are the oldest general contractor company in the area having served the South Shore communities since 1963. There is no pressure, just friendly and knowledgeable personnel and free, no-obligation inspection and estimate. Call us now 800-696-1955 and let us tell you how we can make your life easier.

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