A finished basement has a lot of benefits. It expands your living space, adds value to the property, makes family time and entertaining more enjoyable. However, starting a finished basement project requires careful planning. Here are a few things to consider before you begin.

So, what is a finished basement?

A finished basement is generally defined by the entire level being brought to the condition of a living space. That includes electrical, plumbing, HVAC, proper ceilings, flooring, and walls. Also included are safe and accessible entrances, stairwells, and windows. After that, the purpose and look of the space are unique to each household.

Finished Basement Planning

Like every home improvement project, finishing a basement requires significant investment of though, time, and money. Which is why it is important to plan out as many details as possible in advance. That way, you will minimize unexpected surprises and prevent you from having to spend extra time and money.

1. Consult A Professional

A finished basement project might seem like something a homeowner can tackle on their own. That may be so, but it would be wise to obtain an opinion of an experienced finished basement contractor first. A professional contractor may uncover issues that are not immediately obvious. They may also make valuable suggestions on how to best go about the finished basement setup.

2. Safety First

While appearance and functionality of a finished basement are important, safety has to be considered above all. First of all, ensure there are easily accessible escape routes. It could be a door leading outside or a window large enough for a person to climb through. Make sure that electrical and fire hazards are minimized. Do not forget the fire extinguishers. Plan measures to prevent flooding and mold.

3. Plan for ample lighting

A basement by its nature is a space with very little light. First, see if you can maximize natural light with egress windows. But even then, the space will need a lot of lighting. Invest in bright and long-lasting lighting fixtures. Attractive lighting will make the space more pleasant and functional.

4. Consider the right types of flooring

Flooring is a crucial part of any home design. That is also true for finished basements. It is important to keep in mind that a basement is more prone to moisture condensation and is in a greater danger of being flooded. So, a natural wood or carpet flooring may not the best solution for this room. Consider vinyl sheet flooring that is durable and offers many beautiful style choices. Other great options to consider would be tiles or linoleum.


The benefits of a finished basement

There is no question that a finished basement will make a great difference in your home. It will add personality, space, and functionality. Whatever purpose you might choose for it, it will be useful and enjoyable.

In addition to that, you may be sure that a finished basement will add value to your property. Buyers are far more likely to offer a higher price for a home with so much added space.

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